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Simple Task Management in Slack

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Simple to use

Add and assign a task with a due date, all in one quick entry.

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Your Taskbot

Alerts you to new assignments

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Simple to Manage

See tasks for individuals or the whole team, balance workloads

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Miado commands

/do rev 1 spec @susan /jun15     Adds "rev 1spec" task to this channel, assigns it to Susan, due date is June 15.
/do update doc for rev 1     Adds "update doc for rev 1" to this channel and leaves it unassigned.
/do assign 4 @joe     Assigns "@joe" to task 4 for this channel.
/do done 4     Marks task 4 as completed.
/do delete 2     Deletes task number 2 from the list.
/do due 4 /wed     Sets the task due date to Wednesday for task 4.
/do list     Lists your ASSIGNED and OPEN tasks for THIS channel.
/do list all     Lists your ASSIGNED and OPEN tasks for ALL channels.
/do list team     Lists all TEAM tasks that are OPEN for THIS channel.
/do list team all     Lists all TEAM tasks that are OPEN for ALL channels.
Click on your taskbot to see all of your up-to-date lists.     [More...]

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