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Simple Task Management in Slack

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add MiaDo to Slack?
Just click on the Add to Slack button, and MiaDo will be added to Slack and you'll see your taskbot added to team members' names under Direct Messages. Each team member must add MiaDo to get their own taskbot.

Another way to manage the list of tasks I have to complete. Why is this one better for me?
MiaDo was designed for teams with part-time members who don't want to learn a new app and especially, for the admin member who has to track their tasks for them.

How do I make a private list of tasks?
MiaDo is for public lists, private lists are not supported.

What does the TaskBot do?
Your Taskbot will always display your current task list when you click on it. It's "read-only" so you'll need to go to another channel to close or modify your tasks.

Any tips on using MiaDo?
You can manage tasks in a dedicated channel or across multiple channels. For very small groups, where there is not a lot of discussion, you can create to “To-Do” or “Tasks” channel and manage all of your team's tasks from that channel. For larger teams with active discussions around assigned tasks, tasks associated with a channel can be managed in that channel. Regardless of which way your team chooses to manage tasks, each team member can see all of their assigned tasks with one click on their Taskbot.

What's the dog's head about?
The dog's head represents my dog Mia, who is often Missing In Action (as were the post-it notes I used to track my to-dos on).

Any other questions?
Click here to contact us.

Additional Miado commands

/do append 3 Contact Jim.     Adds "Contact Jim." to the end of task 3.
/do unassign 4 @joe     Removes "@joe" from task 4.
/do redo 1 Send out newsletter /fri.     Deletes task 1, adds new task "Send out newsletter /fri."
/do list due     Lists your ASSIGNED and OPEN tasks with a due date for THIS channel.
/do list all     Lists your ASSIGNED and OPEN tasks for ALL channels.
Remember, Click on your taskbot to see all of your up-to-date lists.

Privacy Policy

Stored Data
The MiaDo User Experience is contained entirely within Slack. Only task lists, your team name, team member names (used to verify task assignments), and Slack permission tokens needed to interact with the Slack API are stored in our database.

Explicitly NOT stored data
Team member contact information, i.e. email addresses are not stored nor provided to anyone.

Third Party Services
MiaDo is run securely on the Heroku Platform. Please refer to the Heroku Privacy Policy for more details: https://www.heroku.com/policy/privacy

This privacy policy may change over time.

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About Me

Hi, i'm Ray and i don't like to promote myself. So, enough about me.

About MiaDo:  I initially wrote MiaDo as a simple learning exercise for integrating Ruby on Rails and an API. My wife is a marketing consultant and uses Slack to manage communications within small teams. By small, I mean "micro teams" of 2-5 people, mostly startups. A particular problem for her was that people were too busy or unwilling "to learn yet another" task manager. So the idea is that one person is the adult who assigns and manages the tasks and the other team members just need to simply click on the "taskbot" member to see an updated list of what to do. As a person's assigned tasks changes, the taskbot list is redisplayed in its private channel with a message waiting indicator. Always in one place, always up to date. As a programmer, this works for me too. I just want to easily see, via one click or touch, what is currently on my todo list.

About that name:  So, the family dog's name is Mia, i'm Italian so "mia" is meaningful, there's a gazillion "todo" apps out there, the domain name was available, so why not?

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